Friday, January 30, 2015

those golden winter days

//tunic, button-down, belt, purse: thrifted / leggings, ring: forever 21 / boots: ross / necklace: ebay//

The weather in Seattle has been unnaturally warm and sunny over the past week. After months of cold and gray, we've been graced with a series of golden winter days--mild and sunshine-y, with beautiful sunsets. It almost seems unfair in comparison to the crazy snow on the other side of the U.S. And while I like the cold and rainy and I love the mystery of a gloriously foggy day, I must admit that it's nice to see the sun for a change. 

I wound up taking a weekend trip with my boyfriend and his family down to Great Wolf Lodge, a popular resort with a big indoor waterpark this past week. The drive down was beautiful and I think the high of the day was somewhere around 60 degrees (!!!). I studied in the car so that I would be able to enjoy myself at the waterpark without having to worry about school, and I had a blast. It'd been so long since I'd been on a waterslide, and the two big ones were pretty epic. After we'd thoroughly exhausted ourselves at the waterpark and the resort's arcade, I was able to curl up on the couch with Josh to watch Supernatural (I recently introduced him to that show, and he's pretty hooked!). We also joined all the little kids in running around the hotel playing's an interactive game where you have a wand and run around doing different quests to find magical things throughout the hotel. It's really fun...and crazy good exercise. I was sore for the next couple days from running up and down flights of stairs. It didn't help I was wearing a huge sweater...haha. :) 

Anyway, it was a fun little getaway. It was great to be able to spend more time getting to know Josh's family and not have to think about school for a while (though I'm still working on getting caught up!). 

Talk soon. 
-xo, Vicki Grace


  1. Love this outfit! The tones are so pretty! Hm, my sister is really into Supernatural, but I've never watched it...maybe I need to check it out. :)

  2. Beautiful outfit!

    Right?? Washington was weirdly warm, it almost reached 70 where I live!!

    I'm so jealous, I love Great Wolf Lodge! Magi-quest and all the watersides are just so fun :) Sounds like you had a great time. It would be cool to go sometime, I haven't been in awhile.

    With Love, Elizabeth

  3. Unnnggg you always look so freaking cute. I hate it lol. That jacket reminds me a little of Dean, so.... I LIKE IT. XD

  4. Your holiday sounds so lovely! It's great you've had the nice weather to enjoy it. I really like this outfit...and the boots 8-D

  5. You have weather like us. It is spring here. With all the nice sunshine and without Jack telling us we need scarfs to go outside. The only sad thing is we didn't get to build a snowman

  6. Wow, your weather is making me SO jealous! Also, I love your outfit :)


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