Friday, January 23, 2015

new year's day outfit

//dress: cotton on / sweater: thrifted / tights: fred meyer / shoes: thrifted / earrings: my grandma's//

By the time New Year's Day rolled around, I was pretty tired of coming up with dressy outfits for the church services, after having to do so four times already, and so I reverted back to an old favorite. I picked up this dress from Cotton On on clearance for $5. Although I usually shy away from form-fitting dresses because of my pear-shaped figure, I could hardly pass up the price and the beautiful shimmery fabric. I love wearing it with this boxy, cropped sweater over the top, which I think adds a nice bit of contrast to the style of the dress, and neatly covers up the somewhat immodest (and unflattering) top of the dress. Then, to add another touch of fanciness, I topped it off with the crystal earrings I inherited from my grandmother.

My New Year's Day was amazing. I spent New Year's Eve, after church, with my boyfriend, and we rang in the New Year (and our first anniversary!) by watching Die Hard. One of my sillier dreams ever since I was a little girl was to be able to welcome the New Year with a kiss, and that dream was wonderfully fulfilled this year. On New Year's Day, after the church service, Josh and I went to see the final Hobbit movie (so good!). We took a walk to see the Ivar's Clam Lights, a holiday light display at a nearby beach, which is something that has always been a holiday tradition in my family. I had tried to show them to Josh last New Year, but we were too late, and they'd been taken down...he was fairly certain I'd made them up so we would go on a moonlit walk, so I had to prove their existence to him this year. And I was finally able to give Josh the gift I'd been working feverishly on throughout the month, an art nouveau-inspired portrait of the two of us. He wasn't expecting it at all and seeing his reaction was pretty wonderful. :)

How was the start to your 2015?


  1. Super beautiful :)


  2. Cute look! Your sweater is so darling. :D It looks kind of 60's.

  3. Cute and comfy; love it! Glad you had such a wonderful new years. :D


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