Friday, July 18, 2014

hiking little si // flashback friday

A couple weeks after hiking Franklin Falls, Josh and I decided to attempt to hike Little Si, also around the Snoqualmie Pass area. In the book of hikes I had been perusing, it was listed as a "moderate" hike, and I figured I was up for it. The day of the hike, it had been raining, but there was a slight sun break as right as Josh arrived at my house to pick me up. So we decided to chance the soon as we got on the freeway, it started pouring. I'm not sure what made us keep going, but we did, and I'm glad we did, because just before we reached our destination, the sun decided to come back out. We were blessed with dry weather for the entire hike up, which I, in my hugely out of shape state, somehow managed to survive...though it may have gotten to the point where Josh was practically dragging me along behind him to make sure I was still moving, because right before we reached the top, I was getting pretty exhausted. But the view was completely worth the hike up. We were able to watch the fog coming in to completely cover the mountains, until we couldn't see past the rock beneath our feet. It was surreal. I said at the time that it was like standing on the edge of the earth.
We ate lunch at the top, and right as we finished, it started to hail. Thankfully, the trees provided a good covering from that as we hurried back down. I felt reenergized, and so incredibly thankful that the way back was mostly downhill. 

It was a fun hike, and I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again, if not only for that amazing view up at the top. I'm hoping that now that the spring weather seems to have started, we will have the opportunity for many more hikes, hopefully with less chance of rain and hail. 


  1. oh my goodness i love those photos :)

    stop by,

  2. god, this is the number one thing i miss about washington- the nature is just unreal. This is BEAUTIFUL. And you guys had some lucky breaks haha that weather was really trying to trip you up ;)

    xo marlen
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  3. SO gorgeous!! i adore mountains.

  4. Those pictures are sooo pretty!!! What an amazing place to hike! And it sounds like it was a lot of fun. Even with the hail 8-D


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