Friday, June 20, 2014

styling maxi skirts for "travel-sized" gals

//skirt, belt, sandals, necklace: thrifted / t-shirt: target / earrings: forever 21//

I'm a bit of a shorty—my 6"2 boyfriend calls me "travel-sized." So styling maxi skirts in a way so that they flatter me and don't make me look short and frumpy can be a challenge. Still, I love maxi skirts—they're super comfy, can be casual or dressy, are great for all seasons, and I don't have to worry about them creeping up and exposing too much skin, no matter what I'm doing, which is a major plus for me. This maxi skirt, in particular, is made of the softest jersey, and it swirls so nicely around my ankles when I walk. When I wear maxi skirts, I try to elongate my figure by wearing a fitted top, usually either more of a crop top, tucked in at the waist (a long necklace can be elongating as well!). I find that longer tops and sweaters can stunt my figure and just prove unflattering. 

What are your tips for styling maxi skirts? 

Anyway, life is picking up the pace again, and I'm enjoying it (this week, though, is it really only Thursday??). I started my summer class (Constitutional law) on Monday, and I'm working ahead so I can take a mini-vacation to head down to a Church convention next week. Meanwhile, with all I've got going on, my room has degenerated into a slight's kinda terrible. I'll have to see about making time to clean before I go crazy with all the mess. ;)

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22