Friday, April 18, 2014

purple velvet perfection

// dress: thrifted, refashioned / tights: claire's / cardigan, oxfords: thrifted //

I absolutely love this dress, but I don't often have an occasion to wear it. However, when I saw Katie's outfit with her purple velvet dress, I decided I just had to pull it out again and wear it for church (it was communion Sunday after all, and I always like to dress nicer for that). I paired it with these fun tights, which have an eye-catching, tattoo-style print on the sides (the boyfriend actually did a double take, he wasn't sure if it was a tattoo, or henna, or what), and a crocheted cardigan I picked up at Value Village years ago. And I kinda love the final look. It's classy and elegant, but it also has just a hint of boho. 

My classes are just starting to wrap up, and I already have a feeling of impending doom. I just feel like the eight weeks has been going so fast, and maybe it's because I've got more going on lately. And this couple of classes has also been more work-heavy than usual, possibly more than I've ever had: since the second week of classes, I've had four writing assignments due each week, and once those are done, there's not much room to work ahead on final projects. I'm confident that it'll all work out, though, and it also means I'll be that much more grateful when these classes are done and vacation starts. :) 

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. Looking lovely Vicki! Those tights are really cool, and I love your dress!
    I know what you mean about classes wrapping up! I'm down to the last two weeks before finals and am starting to feel the pressure! I can not wait to summer vacation...a whole few months to not be in class sounds like pure luxury to me!

  2. Really cute! The tights go perfectly with it. :)

  3. Oh how awesome are those tights!
    They DO look like tattoos!
    Great outfit, very elegant, Vicki!
    A modest fashion blog:

  4. Oh where are you From ? I know Value Village From Canada ... Reminds me this now that you mentionn it ... So want to go back.



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