Friday, April 11, 2014

9th & Elm Review

// colorblock infinity scarf, gold monogrammed necklace: c/o 9th & Elm / jeans, boots: Fred Meyer / t-shirt: Target / jacket: JC Penney //

I was so thrilled when 9th & Elm contacted me asking if I'd like to do a review. Basically, they are a flash sale site featuring the products of different handmade and independent designers. I thought it was a great idea, since it helps to promote some really fantastic designers. I chose to review the colorblock infinity scarf and the gold monogrammed necklace, and I'm in love with both of them. I've been wearing the scarf almost nonstop since I got it—I really like the colors and more subtle mix of patterns, and the lace detail is too cute. Then the little monogrammed necklace is just so dainty and elegant. Both products are excellent quality and I'm really happy with both of them. I'm also excited to have found out about 9th & Elm—they feature some amazing products at great prices. I would definitely recommend checking them out

This kind of outfit has basically been my uniform since the start of the year, aside from Sundays: t-shirt, skinny jeans, and boots. It's just easy to throw on, and it can be dressed up with accessories too. I've been having fun experimenting with wearing jeans more often. Still, now that spring seems to have officially sprung here in Washington, I'm starting to gravitate towards skirts again, and I've been itching to sew myself some new spring skirts. In fact, I'm hoping to start one today, after I've conquered at least a portion of the schoolwork I need to get done. 

Hope to see you all again soon! I've got a bunch of different posts in the works, that hopefully I'll be able to find some time to put up here for y'all. 

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. It's been so long since you posted! Good to "see" you again! ;)
    Great outfit!
    A modest fashion blog:

  2. That necklace is so pretty! And I think we have the really similar, if not the exact, same boots. I bought mine on Black Friday at Fred Meyer. :)

  3. 9th and elm have the cutest things around! The background is sooo beautfiul, I love the green, makes me think of summer! Love the jackets and scarf! Looking adorable!

  4. I love that scarf...I will have to check them out! It's great to see a post from you! :)

  5. I just love that scarf! Grey and pink with some stripeyness and a bit of off white trim..... yummmm.... :) Great outfit!

  6. Very cute outfit! Love your necklace and jacket!

  7. That scarf is lovely! It makes your whole outfit pretty. (I love how rainy the whole thing looks. Snug and springy all at the same time. And I LOVE your boots...but I've developed a huge liking for boots lately.)
    I hope you get a chance to sew your skirt, that sounds like it would be fun.


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