Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the classic pencil skirt {kosher casual review}

//pencil skirt: c/o kosher casual / cardigan, tank top, wedges, belt: thrifted//

I was thrilled when Kosher Casual contacted me several weeks ago asking if I would like to review one of their products. They are a Israel-based company focused on creating modest clothing that's fashionable and modern, but still modest. For my review, I selected their pencil skirt in navy blue. As a pear-shaped gal, I've been on the lookout for a pencil skirt that fits well and looks cute and classy without putting every single curve on display. I ordered a size medium based on my measurements (though I probably should have ordered the small, because I think it would have fit better in the waist...), and received it fairly quickly for a package coming all the way from Israel. And I really like it! I love that it has both side and back pockets, and is made from a sturdy, but not too heavy material. I also love that it has an adjustable waist, which came in handy when the waist was slightly too big. And although the waist was a little big, the rest of the fit was great. I really recommend the company as a whole, if you're on the lookout for modest clothing or even if you're just looking for nice quality basics at reasonable prices.

Have a happy hump day!

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. That is so cool! I love the skirt and the way you styled it :)

  2. Kosher casual has some amazing pieces! I reviewed something for them recently, quality stuff! I always love that their skirts aren't thin and immodest! A big plus! ;)
    Love your outfit, very nice!
    Haven't read your blog in a bit! Glad you posted again! I've been so behind in reading everbody's blogs!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Lovely color palette! I really like your cardi and shoes!

  4. That's really cute! I love the cardigan you pared with it.

  5. Nooo I was so gonna ask where you got the shoes and then I read that they are thrifted :( Do you know what brand they are by any chance? They are SUPER cute! I love this outfit :)

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  6. Sooo pretty! I would never think of pairing orange and green together, but it totally works! You look great! :)

  7. Oh, so lovely!!
    Love how, vintage and yet sweet the outfit looks!

  8. You look great, and I really love your shoes! Modest, comfortable, and stylish clothes are always good finds!


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