Monday, June 10, 2013

the emerald city

// Dress: eshakti // Wedges: Target // Ring: eBay // Clutch: my grandmother's // Nail polish: "Red" by Love and Beauty from Forever21//

The green of this dress reminds me of the Emerald City. The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies (and books!) as a little girl, and this shade of green, which I guess you might call emerald, brings to mind images of the Emerald City in the film. I think that's one of the reasons why I like the color so much, is because it reminds me of one of my favorite things.

I purchased this dress from eshakti late last month, and I am personally thrilled with it. I have always drooled over eshakti's dresses and skirts from afar, but I've never been able to justify spending so much on a single piece of clothing (I honestly cannot even justify spending $20 on a single piece). However, when I heard about their $25 off your first purchase promotion, I thought I might splurge and take advantage of the offer. Another thing that I think is so cool about eshakti, aside from their gorgeous designs, is that their pieces are customizable--you can change the length, alter the neckline, add straps to a strapless dress, add pockets, and even have it sewn to fit your measurements. The first customization is free, and so I decided to take advantage of that, and have this lovely dress customized. And I love it. I love the color (but you already knew that!), the fit, and the flattering vintage silhouette. It also has pockets! I love pockets in anything. It gives an awkward gal like me somewhere to put her hands to keep them out of the way (rather than twirling my hair about my fingers, or scratching the side of my neck, a new nervous habit I picked up).

I wore this lovely to a family friend's wedding this past weekend. I didn't buy the dress for the occasion, but since it did happen to come just the day before the wedding, I decided to take her out for a spin. And the wedding was lovely--good food, good company, and a marriage that I pray God will continue to bless.

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. I really like eshaki and shabby apple day I will get one....

  2. Love that dress (don't you adore eShakti?!), and your hair is so beautiful! Just lovely.

    xox Sammi

  3. Lovely dress--and very reminiscent of Wizard of Oz! Cool, I went to a wedding last weekend too!

  4. Oh my! What a lovely dress, Vicki! It's the perfect color for you!
    I LOVE eShakti! They have gorgeous stuff!
    And regarding your comment on my blog-if I were you I'd snag that dress if it's still there! I would faint over dead if I found an eShakti in a thrift store!!!! I'm notorious for passing things up at stores and then regretting it later!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. OOh, gorgeous!! I may have to buzz of to eshakti and finally check them out. Love the fact that you can customize!

    And yes, my thought would be Wizard of Oz, too! I actually have that shade of green on my nails right now (hello, Essie!) and I keep thinking of them as my Emerald Greens. :D

  6. I loooved the Wizard of Oz books- they totally transported me to a different world when I was younger. And do you know I've never actually seen the movie, haha! I'm so behind. I think this dress is an absolute stunner on you- very perfect for a wedding! How lucky that you got it. And that bow detailing is adorable :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Well, you couldn't have looked lovelier for the wedding - love the emerald on you!

  8. How pretty!! Love the color of the dress -- Spotted you on the Rubygirl linkup !!


  9. vicki, what a lovely dress on you!! the color is darling. love how the clutch is your grandma's. way to go vintage!

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl

  10. eeek! what would we ever do without eShakti?? :) gorgeous dress on you, vicki.


  11. That is such a beautiful dress! The green is so flattering on you, and I really like it with the floral sandals.

    Away From Blue

  12. Gorgeous color! You look great :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  13. Love this dress... and the shoes! I wish green worked on me... unfortunately it doesn't. But you make it look so beautiful. :)


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