Thursday, April 11, 2013

Walking on a Cloud

Top: Thrifted // Tank: Fred Meyer // Jeans: Ross // Boots: Snagged from my aunt's closet // Necklace, Bracelet: eBay

This fringe top makes me feel like a hippie that decided to channel the flappers of the 20s. There's just something about fringe that screams 1920s to me, though I have no idea why. In any case...the fringe on this top just makes me want to twirl around just to feel it fly out around me, but when I'm out and about and feeling too self-conscious to twirl, I just enjoy the feel of it bouncing against my legs (which probably sounds totally weird). I like the top because it's simple, flattering, and fun, and perfect for wearing on a shopping trip with a friend, which is what I wore it for.

My friend had her spring break last week (lucky her!), so I took some time off from my homework and we headed to the mall for lunch, a movie, and a shopping spree. One of my favorite places to eat for lunch is Johnny Rockets--they have great burgers and sandwiches (I got the egg salad!), and also amazing milkshakes. They're a bit on the pricey side, especially the milkshakes, but I discovered that I could order a children's milkshake, which was half the cost of the regular size and the perfect size for me. I've finally gotten to the point where I'm no longer embarrassed to order off the kid's's only awkward when I'm at sit-down restaurants and the waiter asks if I'd like the children's menu (which actually happened a few months ago!). It was a fun shopping trip, and a great way to de-stress after the first few weeks of school. And I was very happy with myself for only buying one thing during the whole trip outside of lunch and my movie ticket, and that was a necklace from H&M on sale for $2.50 (I'm a notorious cheapskate, but hey--it keeps my wallet happy!).

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. Oh yes! I'm a cheapskate as well!
    Ha!Ha!Ha! The other day I felt really embarrassed because I ordered 3 kids meals for me, my 16 year old brother and 13 year old sister...but hey, the meals are big and cheap! :)
    Love your outfit, that shirt is adorable!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Precisely! ;) That's why I don't really mind ordering them, so long as I'm able to!
      Thank you! :)


  2. Wow, that is super pretty! And I love the jewelry!

  3. Hey Vicki,
    I loooove your sense of style.All your outfits are adorable.
    Am your newest follower.
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  4. Oooooooh my gosh, I LOVE your outfit! The blouse is SO adorable. Love it! <3

  5. Oh wow, I love your outfit!!! So cute!

  6. This is such a wonderful outfit! i especially love the jewelry. and sounds like you had a wonderful day too xx

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