Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Eve

Skirt: Shabby Apple // Lace dress (worn as top): Marshall's // Jacket: JCP // Earrings: My Grandmother's // Shoes: Thrifted

Hello everyone! I know, it's been a long while since my last post (two whole weeks, I think!). My life got a whole lot busier once school started up, and January has just been a busy month in general. I woke up sick this morning and decided to clear a bit of my schedule to rest and catch up on my reading for school, and maybe just read a favorite novel. It feels nice just to kick back and not worry about having to go anywhere or anything like that.

Anyway! This is what I wore on Christmas Eve. Awhile ago, I won a giveaway over on Kellie's lovely blog for a Shabby Apple gift certificate. I had been eyeing this tulle skirt for a long time, and despite the fact that I knew it was completely frivolous, I knew it was what I wanted to buy. The first time I tried it on, I wasn't sure that I liked seemed huge and poofy, a lot more showy than what I would usually wear, and it was about a foot too long, even in heels! But it really grew on me, and after I had chopped off about six inches of the tulle, I was in love with it. And what better occasion to wear it for than Christmas Eve? I layered a black lace dress underneath (an old Christmas Eve dress), along with a velvety tuxedo jacket my mother bought me at JC Penney's on Black Friday, and topped off the look with my Grandmother's glistening crystal earrings. My Grandmother was quite the fashionista herself, and I think she would have loved the outfit (she was always trying to get me to add a little sparkle to my outfits!).

Did any of you ladies dress up for Christmas/Christmas eve?

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. How beautiful! The earrings are the perfect finishing touch!

  2. So beautiful and classy Vicki! I love your whole outfit! :)

  3. Oh, the skirt is stunning! This made my day:) You look so beautiful, and everything works together so amazingly. Love it<3

  4. That's a lovely dress! Yes, I did dress up for Christmas Eve services in one of my favorite dresses that has a bit of a 40s Chinese vibe too it. It's pretty dressy, but it's fairly comfortable too, and I curled my hair with the hot rollers.

  5. Beautiful dress! And I love the jacket- I actually tried that one on at JCP a while back but didn't purchase it because of how it fit. You rock it though! :)


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