Monday, December 3, 2012

Vintage Schoolgirl

Dress + Blouse: Gifts // Necklace: Shabby Apple // Belt: JC Penney // Tights: Fred Meyer // Shoes: Thrifted

This outfit was picked out in a last minute rush before church--I decided I didn't like what I had pulled out the night before and randomly grabbed this. I really love this look, though...very simple and vintage-y, which I always love.

Time for the final tag in my series of getting caught up on tags! To see the others, see here, here, and here. This one come from John, who is the darling pet hedgehog of the lovely Miss Jack Lewis Baillot. John has his own blog called "Bananas Aren't Good" and I always love checking in on his latest exploits. Thank you for tagging me, John!

Here are John's questions:
1. You don't like bananas, right?
I never really liked bananas much, especially when I was little. I still don't care to eat them by themselves, but in something or with something else, I do usually like them--I LOVE banana bread and banana cake especially.

2. Do you want to build a snow man with me?
I would love to build a snow man with you!

3. Do you like movies with sand in them? I do. Jack's friend does too and that is how I saw the movie with sand in it.
Sand tends to make me feel thirsty when watching movies, but I have enjoyed all the movies I've seen with sand in it, I think! Like Tintin or Aladdin.

4. Will you see the movie with the boy named Jack Frost in it?
Rise of the Guardians looks like such a fun movie. I'd love to see it.

5. Will you read the books before the movie?
After reading Jack's review of the books, I probably will try and read them before the movie!

6. Do you like books?
I love books. I have five bookcases stuffed to bursting with books and I have many more on my iPad. Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend free time.

7. Do you have someone like Jack to read them to you?
My mother used to read books to me, but when I was three she decided I was too old to be read to and taught me how to read by myself, which I almost like better because I can imagine all the voices and scenes unfolding in my head. My sisters like me to read to them occasionally--I read them A Christmas Carol every December!

8. Do you have a boring big brother like I do?
Nope--no brothers at all, just two younger sisters.

9. Do you like cold chocolate or hot chocolate more?
Hmm...I always crave chocolate of any kind, so both!

10. Is your birthday the same day as my birthday?
I don't know! When is your birthday?

11. Do you want to put candles on your tree?
I always love the look of candles on a Christmas tree. But fire and I don't get along well together (I'm very accident-prone when it comes to fire), so if I did have them, they would have to be electric!

I hope you all are having a lovely week!


  1. So cute, you're one of the few people I know who can wear black-it's not normally a good color on most people!
    Lovely, Vicki!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Absolutely gorgeous look! I love that necklace :)

  3. Super pretty outfit! <3 You definitely pull off black :)


  4. Very nice outfit! I like it a lot!

    Also, John is glad you did his tag, he is grinning. And he wants me to say he's sorry he's not been on his blog much. He says it is my fault, which I suppose it is. My life decided to go completely crazy and I'm just hoping it is better by the weekend. (Since I've not time for crazy right now.)

    Are you on your holiday yet?

  5. Your necklace is beautiful! I have a necklace that features an antique keyhole from my first trip to NYC, so naturally I am drawn to yours as well. Also, your hair is beautiful- very old Hollywood.

    Triple Thread

  6. Aye, I was able to get most of the book issues figured out, aside from the ebook which is having a fun time bugging me. (Oh, good idea! I didn't even think of emailing Amazon...I sometimes forget to use my brain. *Smirk*)

    John says he misses posting. He says he will as soon as he can commandeer my computer (he is starting to use all my fun words). Actually, he might even have time today.

    I hope everything before your break goes well and you can get it all done and in a nice amount of time so you aren't having last minute things (though from what I've heard, all of college is last minute and students rushing about trying to get it all done.) How long of a break do you have? Long enough to sleep a lot?

  7. What a beautiful outfit, Victoria! It looks nice and neat, but sweet and pretty at the same time. :-)

    Well, my timing is lousy ... just as you get all caught up on your tags, I've given you another one ... you're awarded over at my blog. <:-}

    Have a great weekend, my friend!



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