Monday, December 31, 2012

The Sun was Shining

Denim button-up: Kohls // Dress + Boots: Ross // Belt: Thrifted // Bracelet + Leggings: Gift

After days and days of seemingly endless rain...alternations between drizzles and downpours, today, the sun came out, like a long-lost friend. It's still bitterly cold, and the wind still raises goosebumps on the skin, but that bit of sun drove away some of the midwinter gloom that has plagued us over the past weeks. In the midst of lunch this afternoon, my aunt (and next-door neighbor) called us to their deck to see a radiant sunburst, with golden rays beaming down as in a painting. Beyond that, we could see the rain coming down in the distance, yet it stayed bright and dry over our house. I love grey, wet days, but it was nice to see the sun for a change.

On another note! Merry Christmas! I had been expecting to blog several times last week, but life simply got in the way of things. I had a wonderful (busy, but wonderful) Christmas--the Lord has truly blessed me with an abundance of amazing friends and family. I ate lots, laughed lots, and smiled lots. Christmas eve went by in a wonderful blur, spent making finishing up presents, altering Christmas dresses, and then the service at church, and a family gathering afterwards. Christmas day was much more leisurely, but still lovely...I loved watching my family unwrap the gifts that I had chosen/made for them!

And speaking of Christmas, the holiday link-up hosted by that Tori and I hosted ended early last week, and we chose our two favorites! All of the entries were so wonderful that I was torn between ladies all have fantastic blogs! My personal favorite was Lauren's post on gift ideas, and Tori's was DIY Gifts, from Sabrina's blog. That means that Lauren will be receiving a $5 Amazon giftcard from me, and Sabrina will be receiving free ad space on Tori's blog! Congratulations, ladies! And thank you all for entering--I loved reading all your posts.

Have a wonderful rest of the year everyone! You likely won't be seeing much of me for the rest of the week, since, aside from New Year's services and celebrations, a lot is happening right now, and I don't want to overwhelm myself with trying to get blog posts up. But hopefully you'll be seeing a post or two later in the week.(:

Photo 1 - 2012-12-22


  1. Love your outfit!
    It's been mostly rain and clouds here as well, and for a bit of a change we have clouds and rain! ;-)

  2. Those boots are gorgeous! :)

  3. Happy new year, Vicki! Love this outfit:)

  4. Nice outfit, happy new year!

  5. VERY lovely outfit! I like the shorter skirt with the boots.

    Gray days are fun, but when the sun comes out it is always nice to go out and enjoy it. I've rather been missing it here, as it has been bitterly cold - but when it is this cold it is always nice to sit inside, wrapped in blankets, and reading.

    I am glad you had a nice Christmas, it sounds delightful!

  6. I was wondering if Howl's "cruse" about not being able to fall in love was somewhere written between the lines. Many who read it said there is a lot in there like that. I'm not very good at catching them the first time though, which means I shall just have to re-read it 8-D I was certain the breaking of the curse...I don't even know if it was a curse he was under...had to do with Sophie. She being able to see him for what he really was, even though he liked everyone to think he was a cold hearted wizard.

    I do plan to read her other series. not sure if I can get through the other two in this series for awhile, since Howl isn't in them much and I would find that a bit depressing, but I want to read her others as soon as possible. I really like her writing style.

  7. A very Happy New Year to you, Vicki! I hope and pray that your year will be full of blessings:)

    Cute outfit! Denim is so wonderful and comfy:)

  8. very cute pics, i love how it follows and ties it all up. new follower, here hi!! :D

  9. Love how you're wearing the jean shirt. Love those boots! Overall awesome outfit! :)

  10. It looks very warm where you live. Have you had a picnic yet?

    I have to finish reading The Hobbit too. But I like to read just one book at once so I won't read it until I finish Redwall. And then I have to make Jack read the other Howl books. She doesn't want to yet bcause he's not in them, but I like how the author writes and I think her other books would be fun, even if he's not there.

    we still haven't found the movie yet but Jack said as soon as she has enough we will rent it. She tried to find it on Youtube but it isn't there. I keep looking though, just in case.

  11. You almost make me wish spring was here. Very lovely outfit!!!

    I went to the library today and was delighted to find they actually had the movie of Howl's Moving Castle! I'm hoping to watch it tonight.

  12. I loved the movie! I was glad I watched it and didn't chicken out. Though it took me a moment to get used to seeing Howl, by the time he landed on the balcany with Sophie I could completely believe he was Howl. I didn't at all mind it being a bit different from the book. It was still brilliant.

  13. cute outfit!!



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