Friday, December 7, 2012

Farm Girl at Heart

Wearing: Jacket: Ross / Shirt: Thrifted / Scarf: Gift / Jeans: JC Penny's / Wellies: Marshalls

At the end of October my family took an impromptu trip to the pumpkin patch, driving through the urban areas where we live to a little pocket of farmland you would never have thought existed. Since it was so late in the season, good pumpkins were difficult to find, but find them we did, after about a half hour's worth of tramping through the muddy field picking up pumpkins that seemed to have an interesting shape or personality. I was chased by a strange looking chicken that decided it didn't like me, and befriended a darling gray kitty with a mustache, along with a troop of adorable German Shepherd puppies (one of my favorite breeds of dogs...someday I want to have a German Shepherd, a Boxer, a Corgi, and a Schnauser...though any dog would make me happy!). The farm had a unique collection of antique cars and trucks, along with old farm machinery that was certainly fun to look at. And, as it was a smaller pumpkin patch, there weren't many people there, which was a huge plus!

My sisters decorated theirs that night, and I finally got around to decorating mine on Thursday--I took a couple of sharpies and free-handed a drawing of one of the Silence from Doctor Who...I never got around to taking pictures, though! Next year I'd really love to try my hand at carving a pumpkin...I've never tried it before, but I've always wanted to!

Did any of you decorate pumpkins this year?


  1. Beautiful :) the farm house seems so good & you sisters are such smarties..
    have FUN ~

  2. Awesome photos! I love the color of your bag :)

  3. Oh! I'm jealous, I've always wanted to take an outfit picture in front of a tractor!
    Cute outfit!
    Oh! Post pictures of the silence!!! My younger brother is really getting into Doctor Who and drawing pictures-which is awesome because he hasn't drawn anything in a long time! I've only drawn the TARDIS, but it came out well! I didn't take pictures either...:)
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  4. It looks like you had fun! And I like your outfit.
    Chickens cannot be trusted. They may appear rather clueless and slow, but they have an evil side to them.
    The kitten though...that wouldn't be so bad. I love kittens. *Grin*

  5. This is a seriously gorgeous outfit! <3 Your bag is the perfect pop of colour!

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