Monday, November 19, 2012

Simple Layers

Shirt, Cardigan, Belt: Thrifted / Jeans: Fred Meyer / Boots: Amazon / Scarf: Gift

Last week was crazy--I had a take-home essay midterm for one class, and then a midterm and a quiz for my other class. I finally finished everything and turned it in last night, and it felt so good to wake up and not have that crazy essay breathing over shoulder! Anyway...that's why there wasn't anything happening over here all last week! This week, I still have three essays due, but I must admit, it still feels like nothing compared to all the writing I did last week! Three one-page essays? No problem.(;

This is what I wore last week on a study day...I love my skirts, but jeans are so easy to throw on when I have a long day of school-work ahead! Layering a simple shirt with a pretty cardigan, belt, and scarf made the outfit cute and feminine--much nicer than just throwing on sweatpants and a t-shirt...which was what I was reduced to wearing on Saturday! Luckily I didn't have to go out that day--I stayed in my little hermit cave until I had finished everything I had to do.

Oh! And here is the second-to-the-last tag in my series of tags (you can see the others here and here). This one comes from the lovely Lizzy of Pretty Modest. Thank you for tagging me, Lizzy!

1. What is your favorite movie?
This is an impossible question for me to answer! There are so many movies I love that I don't think I could ever pick one favorite. Well, since Christmas is coming up, I'll tell you my favorite Christmas movie--the Muppet Christmas Carol (followed by White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life).

2. If you could have a super power what would you choose?
Hmm...that's a tough one! Maybe invisibility?

3. What's your favorite season?
Fall, for sure! And then winter.

4. What food could you live without?

Zucchini. *cringes* I can't stand the taste of it, and how it deceptively looks like a cucumber!

5. What's your favorite clothing brand?
I love just about everything from Modcloth! Ooh, and Shabby Apple.

6. Would you rather live where there is lots of Snow or Sun?
Snow, please!

7. Leggings or tights?
I like tights because they cover my feet, haha! But leggings are nice when it's colder, and I love them paired with a tunic/short dress and boots.(: Sooo...I really like both.

8. What is your favorite fast food place?

Del Taco! When my family was in California a couple years ago we practically lived off Del Taco, and then we discovered there's one near us! Yum.

9. What is most important to you?

My faith. That should always rank first for me.

10: If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
The one thing that annoys me most about myself is that I stumble over my words so much, even just in a normal conversation. I don't know if others notice it so much, but it happens so often! I'd love for words to come flowing smoothly from my brain and out of my mouth instead of getting lost or mistranslated on the way! If that makes any sense, haha.

11. Do you like salt and vinegar chips?
I am not a fan. I don't care for that bitter taste! I do like salt and pepper chips, though!

Thanks again for tagging me, Lizzy!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! By the way, I'd just like to say hi to all my new followers! I was so excited to log on and see that I had topped 100. Thanks, you guys!(:


  1. The Muppet's Christmas Carol, aw, I love that movie. And those two critics, they make me laugh so much. "It was short." "It was stupid." "We liked it!!"

    This is a very pretty outfit. I should try something like this when I wear jeans. Jeans are my fall back when I have a lot of editing to do and don't have time to dig in my closet for skirts and dresses.

    I am glad you were able to finish your big essay. That must be a big relief.

    The Order of Odd-Fish. I am going to have to find that book. The title sounds fun and interesting. Maybe my library has it...

    It is hard to keep ones mind on just one thing, when there are so many other things one could be thinking about, or doing, at that time.

    Aye, Mr. Slade just wrote the last Hunchback book, The Island of Doom. I'm a bit sad to see them ending as I've become fond of the characters. They are fun books. 8-)

    I hope your other essays go well!



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