Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Tones

Jacket: JC Penny's / Top: JC Penny's / Belt: Thrifted / Necklace: Claire's / Skirt: Thrifted / Boots: Target

This is Sunday's outfit! I went to JC Penny's on Saturday not expecting to find anything, and I happened on this was a gorgeous color, and I've been hunting for one in this style for months now! And it was on sale...when I had it rung up, it was way less than I thought it would be! I ended up getting some really great deals...honestly, better than I would've gotten at a thrift store (I'm not sure why thrift stores--at least around my area--these days are so overpriced...seriously!).

Anyway! On with my tag up is Nessima's tag. Thanks for tagging me, Nessima! She has a really cool blog, by the should check it out! For this one I also had to post eleven things about myself, but since I did that in the last post, I don't think I'll do it again. Here are my answers to her questions:

1. If you lived in Middle-earth, what would you most likely be employed as (i.e. stable hand in Rohan, musician for the elves of Lothlorien, Ranger of Ithilien, a baker in Hobbiton, librarian in Minas Tirith, etc, etc, etc...)?
I rather like the idea of being a librarian in Minas Tirith (ahem...since I couldn't come up with anything else). Or anywhere, really.

2. You're sent to Mordor to destroy the Ring; you can take with you anyone (but only one!) you want, real or fictional. Who is it?
Probably the Doctor. You can always use a doctor, especially if he's brought his sonic screwdriver!

3. If Tolkien had bothered to write you into LOTR as a member of The Fellowship, how long would you have survived?
Pffftttt...probably a day. I can't go without my second breakfast. Seriously, though...I'm not sure. It would depend on whether Tolkien had given me any amazing fighting/survival skills.

4. Which of the swords in LOTR would you most like to own?
I don't think I'd want a sword so much as a bow!

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for The Hobbit?
Probably somewhere around 8.5. It'll probably be higher when I've finished reading "The Hobbit" (I'm rather ashamed that I never read it).

6. What is a particularly odd skill you possess?
I'm quite good at reading upside down. People say that's a cheater's skill, but well...I was homeschooled and didn't have much opportunity to practice reading other people's answers.(;

7. If you could be in an episode of any tv show, which one would it be?
I think I'd rather like to meet Agatha Christie with the Doctor.

8. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
This is one of life's great that I'm quite sure I'll never be able to unravel.

9. What's the last book you read? Was it Good? Not so good?
The last book I read was "To Die for" by Sandra Byrd. It was about Anne Boleyn from the perspective of her cousin, who was her companion at court. It was terribly interesting, though perhaps not so well-written. The story itself, however, and the history, kept me tearing through it. It was also interesting to see how Anne was a true Christian woman, and how she worked to spread the Word...she's often cast as a sort of villain, but seeing a different perspective to her life was enlightening. Highly recommend it, if not just for the history aspect.

10. What are some words that people often use to describe you with?
Quiet, reserved, imaginative, creative, studious.

11. Something(s) you just really hate? Go on. Rant.
One of the things I hate the most is when people tell me I can't do something, because they don't believe I have the ability or it seems out of character (if they're telling me something like that for a good reason, then I'll at least listen). It just frustrates me to no end, and will most likely make me even more determined to succeed, even if it's just to say, "See? I told you I could do it!" Besides--"I can do all things through Christ, who strengtheneth me."


  1. A fetching jacket indeed in this attractive fall color, what a deal for you. JCPenney has some good discounts. We also find that thrift store shopping is no longer a sure money saving alternative.

  2. Wonderful outfit! I like the skirt. :)

  3. I really like the jacket! A bit Martha Jonesy, no?
    And I love your answers. :) I haven't read The Hobbit till now, either. Shame, shame...

  4. Wonderful outfit! I really love your leather jacket <3

  5. Very lovely jacket! (Sales are always very nice. My mum finds some of the best in our town so I go shopping with her.)

    I am glad you enjoyed the snippet!

  6. Your jacket is gorgeous, I really like it:)

  7. So beautiful Vicki :) Love the outfit & you are looking so smart :)

  8. Amazing jacket!

  9. That is such an elegant outfit! I love the jacket--I'm currently looking for a jacket that will go well with my skirts and dresses. I have a warm, puffy one but it just looks a little silly when I'm wearing it over a dress!

  10. Love love love thta jacket! It seems like it would go with so much!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  11. That jacket is SO CUTE! So is your hair, and the whole outfit, and just YOU!

    *GASP* A librarian in Minas Tirith? Can I be your coworker? Purty please?!!!
    You should go read The Hobbit. Right now. It's brilliant. :) Although it does take some work to get through, it's not a fast-paced story IMHO.


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