Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Seaside Holiday

Shirt: H&M / Jacket: Ross / Necklace: eBay / Jeans: Fred Meyer / Boots: Amazon

Last week my family slipped away for a little mini vacation on the Oregon coast. We stayed in Seaside, an adorable little town right on the beach, and were able to shop around in local antique stores and raid the candy shops (there's one that sells chocolate dipped twinkies...oh my). We drove up to Tillamook to visit the cheese factory (and I may have gone through the tasting line multiple times...ahem), and we also made it to the outlet stores in Seaside. They have this amazing little Christian bookstore outlet...I found a book I've been wanting for ages ("The Realms Thereunder," by Ross Lawhead, who happens to be the son of one of my favorite authors, Stephen Lawhead), and then another book, sort of a political/historical book ("Ten Tortured Words," by Stephen Mansfield), which looks interesting, to say the least.

You wouldn't believe it from these pictures, but almost the entire time we were there (from Thursday evening to Saturday), it was pouring down rain. Even on Saturday as we were getting ready to leave, it was still coming down. BUT, right as we had finished packing the car, the rain stopped, and the sun poked its head out from behind the clouds. We quickly rushed to the beach, where it soon seemed as though it had never been raining at all. What a blessing!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I have snapped quite a few photos while we were at the beach, so there should be a post coming up with those soon!(:

Doctor Who Blog Party Tag {and Guest Posting!}

Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd

So, if you haven't heard of it, Natasha of Day by Day and Ashley of Bramblewood Fashion are hosting an utterly wonderful Doctor Who-themed blog party. There's all sorts of cool stuff going on over at their blogs, including this fun tag! Be sure to hop over and join in the fun if you haven't already!(: Here are my answers:

1| If you decided to name your first born child after any Doctor Who character, male or female, who would it be?
This is a toughie...probably Jack, Amelia, or Rory.

2| What is your favourite colour of the Doctor's shoes?
I love the red Converse that Ten wears!

3| Look around yourself and name the one thing that is TARDIS blue in your house!
Let's see...the quilt on my bed has some TARDIS blue shades!

4| If you could pick who plays the Twelfth Doctor which actor would you choose and why?
Haha, I just want Eleven to live forever! But I'm sure whoever they cast will be amazing. If I had to come up with any names, I'd say Colin Morgan or Tom Hiddleston (just to jump on the bandwagon...but I do think he'd be great in the role).

5| The Doctor is going back in time again, which historical era should he visit?
Has he ever gone to visit Jane Austen? That would be neat. Or Leonardo da Vinci.

6| Would you REALLY go with the Doctor in the TARDIS?

You know, I think I would. All of time and space is just too good to pass up, let alone the chance to travel with an amazing man like the Doctor. I've always dreamed of traveling, and I just think it would be utterly amazing to do it in a box that's bigger on the inside.

7| Who's your favorite Doctor and why?
This is a really bad question to ask me, because I love all the Doctors I've met so far. I love Eleven's quirkiness and his friendship with Amy and Rory (not to mention the bow tie...), I love Ten's hair, his Converse, and his love for Rose, and I love Nine because he was the first Doctor I really met, and just because he's awesome.

8| Would you be afraid to spend Christmas in London?
The Queen wasn't afraid to spend Christmas in London, even with the threat of the Titanic crashing into the palace, so why should I be afraid? I think it would be amazing. And if anything did happen, I could be sure the Doctor would arrive to save the day! On second thought...I think I'd be pretty disappointed if nothing did happen, haha.

9| Do you look at an ordinary screwdriver and think 'this could be a bit more sonic?'
Oh yes. Screwdrivers never seem to work for me...a sonic one would be quite nice.

10| Angel statues, plastic mannequins, Christmas trees - what ordinary everyday object would you love to make an object of terror to Whovians were you Steven Moffat?
Hmm...perhaps electric lights? They're everywhere, so if some alien creature took over all the lights, it could be pretty freaky. Or maybe computers.

11| The TARDIS lands in your garden and the Doctor steps out. What is the first thing you say to him?
"Oi, Spaceman! What do you think you're doing crushing my roses?" Haha, but really, I would probably go into shock, and once I had gotten over it, something like "What took you so long! Come on, we've got the world to save."

12| Who is your favorite actor who has played the Doctor so far and why?
Ooh, if I really have to choose, probably David Tennant. Aside from his amazing hair and that smile that makes me go weak at the knees, he's a brilliant actor. I do love Matt Smith as well,'s almost a toss-up between the two (he's got great hair as well!).

13| Have you seen any Classic Doctor Who? If so, which Doctor/episode(s) is your favorite?
When I was little I watched some of the episodes with Peter Davison in them with my dad. I don't remember any specific episodes, though! Someday I may go back and watch more.

14| Which are the creepiest, scariest and all-out meanest baddies in all the Who-niverse?
The Silence really scare me. Those are the ones that haunt me at night!

15| Who is/are your favorite Companion(s) and why?
I really loved Rose. She and the Doctor were great together. And I also loved Amy and Rory! I cried buckets when they left the show. They were an example of true love, and watching them together just made me happy.

16| Did you cry more watching Doomsday or The Angels Take Manhattan?
That's pretty hard for me to answer...I mean, it's been so long since I watched Doomsday, and I just watched the angels episode this month. I know I was absolutely devastated by Doomsday, but I also cried my eyes out when Amy and Rory left. Amy's choosing to go back to Rory, coupled with the Doctor crying and River trying to be strong, it just got to me. Still, I feel like Amy and Rory's ending was more happy than Ten and Rose's, because Amy and Rory were able to spend the rest of their lives together, but Ten would never be able to be with Rose...and I suppose their relationship was doomed to end tragically already, but still--it's so sad!

17| What is your favorite quote from the show?
I can't just choose one, so here are five that came to mind...

Ten: Allons-y! It's French for 'let's go.'

Jack: Who looks at a screwdriver and says, 'Ooh, this could be a little more sonic?'

Amy: If we're going to die, let's die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

Amy: Raggedy man, I remember you, and you are LATE for my wedding!

Nine: Don't drop the banana!
Jack: Why?
Nine: Good source of potassium!

And as an added bonus:

image by me

18| Which Doctor (including all previous regenerations) would you most like to be the companion of, and why?
Oof...either Ten or Eleven of I had to choose, but I'm not picky! So long as it's the Doctor!

19| Which of the following are you more scared of, the Daleks, Cybermen, or the Weeping Angels?
Well...the weeping angels scare me quite a bit, but I don't think I'd completely mind being sent back to a different time period (aside from being forced to leave my family...), so they kind of strike me as cool. And I always kind of liked the daleks...I think they're cute, in a completely evil way, of course! I love the episode where Amy and the Doctor meet Churchill and the "domestic" dalek asks "Would you like some tea??" So that leaves the cybermen. They don't scare me so much because they don't LOOK scary, but what they do to you...*shudder* that's what's frightening to me!

20| Who are some of your favorite guest stars in the series?
Carey Mulligan, Georgia Moffet, Anthony Head, Colin Morgan, Hugh Bonneville, and Andrew Garfield, just to name a few.

21| What was your first experience with Doctor Who and how did you hear about the series?
As I mentioned earlier, I first met the Doctor when I was a little girl, but I officially met him after seeing the show on Netflix instant-to-watch. I added it to the queue, and then I decided to watch just one episode. And I was hooked.(:

22| The Ninth Doctor said, 'Fantastic!', Ten said, 'Allons-y', and Eleven says, 'Geronimo'; what would you like to be the signature exclamation of the Twelfth Doctor?
I haven't the foggiest idea, haha! Maybe something like, "Brilliant!" But I'm sure the writers will come up with something amazing.

23| If you were trapped in an episode, which one would it be?
Hmmm...probably Vincent and the Doctor or The Family of Blood. There are too many to choose from!

24| Which is your favorite episode with each Doctor (Nine, Ten and Eleven)?
Nine: The Empty Children and the Doctor Dances. Ten: I really love the Titanic episode, School Reunion, Blink, and Doomsday. Eleven: Vincent and the Doctor, hands down. Then the Power of Three and The Doctor's Wife.

screenshot by me, from Vincent and the Doctor

25| After watching a certain Doctor Who episode, did you summon up the courage to try fish sticks and custard?
Weeeeeeell, I don't really like fish sticks, and I'm not a huge custard fan either. I still cringe every time I see the Doctor eat them! If the opportunity arose, however, I might be game to give it a try.(;

Well, that's the end of that! Congratulations if you actually read all that! :P

Anyway! I guest-posted today (yesterday, I guess, since it's well after midnight now...) over at Tasha's lovely blog, Day by Day, sharing these two sweeties. Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn's Golden Shades

Sweater: Thrifted / Skirt: Made by me / Tights: Marshalls / Boots: Amazon / Earrings: Fuego / Necklace: Gift / Winged ring: gift / Second ring: eBay

Sunday was meant to be a wonderful autumn day--crisp, with rain, the first real rain in ages, so I bundled up for church. It's been quite a while since I've had to think about layers like jackets and tights, but I think the challenge of layering is a fun one. I decided I wanted to do some sewing on Saturday, so I pulled an old maxi skirt out of my refashioning pile (I had actually sewn it last year, but it ended up being too tight at the hemline to comfortably walk in...), and shortened it to a comfortable knee-length skirt. I didn't have the right color thread, so I sewed my first blind hem, which took a while, but the results were satisfactory, and I was happy with it.

On another note, I've been tagged! Several times, in fact...I think there are five different tags that I've gotten over the past month or so, and I've kept forgetting to do them! I do love tags, though, so I'm determined to actually post on them. I was initially going to do one long post with all of them, then I thought maybe I'd better split it up into two, and now I've decided to include them in my weekly outfit posts, one at a time, so it'll make up a sort of series. At the end, I'll say who I've tagged, instead of tagging a bunch of bloggers in every post! I think I would run out of people! Anyway, first, I was tagged by the lovely Natasha of Day by Day. Thanks for awarding me, Tasha!

1. You must post eleven facts about yourself.
2. You must also answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in turn.
3. Tag eleven fellow bloggers
4. Notify them that you've awarded them
5. No tagging back
6. And the eleven blogs you tag must have less than 200 followers.

Eleven (very) Random Facts About Me:
1. I love listening to vintage records.
2. I'm starting school next Monday! I'm terrified, but also incredibly excited. I think now is an excellent time to be taking poli-sci classes.
3. I'm about to start learning Christmas music for choir. So exciting!
4. I recently tried a gyro for the first time. According to my aunt, the Jordanian version is called shawarma, which immediately reminded me of the Avengers. I had a nice geeky moment there.
5. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain outside my window.
6. I'm reading "So Much More" by the Botkin sisters as a devotional, and am greatly enjoying it thus far.
7. I'm currently working on reading "The Hobbit" in anticipation of the movie...which for some reason not enough of my friends and family are as excited about as they should be.
8. I've recently discovered "The Scarlet Pimpernel" musical, and I'm in love with it. I think I listened to it at least 30 times last week.
9. I really want to learn to knit a cabled sweater. Something wonderfully warm and chunky.
10. Fall is by far my favorite season. I love boots, sweaters, and scarves.
11. I dream of someday traveling the world.

1. Which is your favorite season?
Fall, of course!

2. Do you watch more British TV shows or American?
The majority of the shows I watch are British. I tend to tire of American shows (though there are still quite a few good ones that I enjoy!), and I find British shows (at least, the ones I watch) refreshing and witty, and much better written (and acted).
3. What's your everyday hairstyle? A ponytail, a braid, a bun?
Usually I prefer to wear my hair down. If I'm working or want my hair out ofmy face, I prefer to wear it up in a messy bun.

4. Do you sew most of your own clothes or buy them?
This is kind of difficult to answer...I do sew a lot of my own clothes, and those I buy, I tend to refashion into something that better suits my style.

5. In what year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
Hehe, in 1492, of course! Though I'm sure that wasn't the only year he sailed...

6. Favorite screen/literary couple?
That's a tough one! Can I list a handful of my favorites? Matthew and Mary from Downton Abbey, Jane and Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, Anne and Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables, and Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.

7. Which is your favorite/most read book of the Bible? (not including Psalms and Proverbs;)
Oh most frequently read books are the Psalms and Proverbs! Let's see...probably Isaiah for the Old Testament, and any of Paul's epistles for the New.

8. Your favorite TV show when you were a child?
Lamb Chop! Haha, I got up early every day just to watch it. I was also obsessed with watching reruns of the Disney Zorro show.

9. Least favorite vegetable?
Radishes. *shudder*

10. Do you watch the Marvel Superhero films? If so, which is your favorite superhero and why?
But of course! My favorite is most likely Captain America. I admire his character so much.

11. Do you think bow ties are cool?
Hmm...It depends. They are most definitely cool when the Doctor wears them!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lace & Nostalgia

Lace Blouse, Tank Top, Sweater: Thrifted / Skirt: Made by me / Necklace: Claire's / Shoes: Maurices'

This outfit is quite clearly Downton Abbey inspired...after I first began watching the series when it started last year, I quickly fell in love with the feminine styles and long, high-waisted skirts. Without my even noticing it, the styles crept their way into my wardrobe, and I found myself wearing more blouses tucked into high-waisted skirts. It just seems like such an elegant, timeless style to me, and it also has that hint of romance. I love the feel of a full length skirt against my legs, but I do trip over the hem every few minutes...their only downfall for me. I threw this outfit together quite quickly before church and was pleased with all the compliments I received!

Now, I think I'll scurry off and squeeze in some more knitting before bed...that sweater is certainly taking shape, but I have absolutely no patience. Knitting a garment takes so much longer than stitching one up, and sometimes I just want to fling my knitting at the wall! is something to do with my fingers while watching movies, and then when it's finished, I'll have a warm feeling of satisfaction. I do want to hurry it up, though! I've been reorganizing my wardrobe, and I've found so many items to refashion!

I hope you all are having a lovely week!

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's the Bluest Blue...

Shirt: Thrifted / Scarf: won in a giveaway here / Skirt: Made by me / Thigh-highs: Forever 21 / Boots: Amazon

Whoo! It sort of feels like I dropped off the face of the blogging earth...over a week between postings! I feel like such a bad blogger...but oh well. I don't know if I've said anything about it before, but when I'm having spurts of creativity, all of my energy gets channeled into the creative process instead of into blogging. I had been in a horrible creative funk for so long, and just this week, I randomly decided to start being productive--I started a bunch of new art pieces (which I hope to share with you soon!), and I also started knitting a sweater for the cool days that are fast approaching (it's TARDIS blue, by the way...of course).

Anyway! Now that I've explained my absence...

Last month, I won Katysue's lovely giveaway for this Doctor Who themed scarf! I love the color, the material...oh, and the fact that it has a wee TARDIS on it. Once I received it, I lost no time in putting together a wonderfully geeky outfit...lots of different shades of blue, which I love. The weather was cool, so I pulled out my cozy socks and boots, which were perfect for a leisurely stroll by the water with my aunt and sisters.

This week has been full of Doctor Who, actually...I found out that a girl at church is also a big fan of the show, and we had a bit of a "moment" on Sunday--
Her: So we were talking about time today in class, and I was thinking-
Me: It's just a great big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, right?
Her: Exactly!
And my friend (who had never seen the show) looked at me after that and said, "I have NO idea what just happened."
That night, I introduced her to the Doctor--we watched "Blink," and then the Titanic episode, while I gushed about the amazingness of the Tenth Doctor's hair, and the greatness of the name Alonzo. It was a truly epic night.

I should really probably stop my geeky ramblings now before I bore you all to death! I hope you're all having a lovely week so far! Tomorrow I'm trying something I've never attempted before--ice skating. I'm hoping to return alive!