Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally, Fall!

Tunic: Thrifted / Skinnies: Fred Meyer / Flats: Marshall's / Pocketwatch: eBay / Keyhole Necklace: Shabby Apple / Sweater: Thrifted

The air has definitely been cooling down to a nice, crisp temperature over the past couple weeks, and I must say, I'm thrilled. I love fall because it means long sleeves, layers, boots, hot cups of tea, autumn leaves, hours spent reading (or studying) under the covers, and often, falling asleep to the sound of rain outside my window. Still...we're not into fall yet--the weather's supposed to warm up to the upper 70s later this week!

For some reason, fall also feels more productive to me...in the summer, I always like to laze around and read in the sun, but in the fall, something about the cold weather makes me itch to be working. And I love that feeling.

Today my sister and I went out to the garden to pick the ripe vegetables and the last of the strawberries. We've been blessed with many tomatoes on our little bushes this year, and they're lovely for popping into salads and even just for snacks. We've also had quite a few peppers, and there are still more ripening. I do love a good green pepper...I like to eat them like apples.(:

What are your favorite things about fall?


  1. I adore that cardigan! The color is perfect for fall :)

  2. Your whole outfit is lovely, but especially the tunic and cardigan!:)

  3. Love this outfit! Your top is adorable. I have been searching for a pair of shoes just like that.

    I can't Fall and school is back! Wow...
    Lizzy <3


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