Friday, April 27, 2012

A Coat of Many Colors

Photo 1 - 2012-05-04

Photo 2 - 2012-05-04

Photo 3 - 2012-05-04

Photo 5 - 2012-05-04

Photo 7 - 2012-05-04

Photo 8 - 2012-05-04

Photo 10 - 2012-05-04

Photo 9 - 2012-05-04

Photo 6 - 2012-05-04

Photo 4 - 2012-05-04

Last Sunday my family drove up north into the country to see the tulip fields. We went to a less popular one to avoid the Sunday crowds, since it was the first nice, warm Sunday in awhile, and the tulips were finally in bloom (they had bloomed overly late this year). I hadn't been since I was a toddler, when my mother plopped me in a mud puddle for a picture (I had always wondered why I looked so uncomfortable in that picture!), so I was excited to go again! I still got muddy, though...without even realizing until we were in the car that my legs were covered up to the knee in dirt! How did that even happen? :P But the tulips were simply lovely, and I had such a good time! All too soon, the sun began to set and we had to leave, but we all had captured the memories on our cameras with both silly pictures of the family and elegant pictures of the tulips.(: Those cows, though? They were my favorite part of the trip. And very sweet for posing so nicely.(:


  1. Glad you enjoyed our county! :P As a local i am surprised i haven't been there yet!


  2. WOW. Wow, wow, wow, wow. AMAZING pictures and scenery!

    Thank you for your sweet wishes for my Dad and birthday! A blogger friend sent me that red, striped shirt :) Here's her link... she's really sweet:



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