Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back: Top 5 Posts of 2011 and 12 Goals for 2012

Hi everyone,

Here I am, appearing back on the blogging scene after a week-long hiatus. I got sick with some kind of bug last Friday, then as soon as I started recovering from that, I caught a cold, and am just now beginning to feel better. This week was thus horribly unproductive, but I am glad that it was this week instead of next week, when I start school. And it does feel really nice just to lay back and relax and do nothing but read and watch movies.(:

Anyway! We're coming to the end of yet another year, and I thought I might share with you some of my top craft posts of this year.

1. T-shirt Scarf (tutorial coming soon!)

2. Ruche-Inspired Felt Flowers

3. T-Shirt Necklace

4.Beaded Button Rings

5."Key to the Stars" Necklace

I've also decided that I need to have some goals for the coming year; I'm the kind of girl who needs a set goal to follow, at least partially. And so, here are my twelve goals, though not quite resolutions, of what I'd like to accomplish in the coming year.

1. Post more tutorials

2. Learn how to take better outfit photos

3. Sew a historical costume (I already have this one planned out!)

4. Read more books

5. Learn how to sight-read music for choir

6. Learn how to use my sewing machine

7. Become a better artist

8. Become a better writer

9. Finish editing my novel, "In the Serpent's Garden"

10. Make some of the projects I have bookmarked on

11. Improve my calligraphy skills

12. Most importantly, grow closer to God.

What are your goals for the coming year?(:

Happy a very happy and blessed New Year!


  1. Hi,
    what a cool flash back :)
    Have a great year 2012! All the best!

  2. wow that stuff is gorgeous! :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I think I a gonna keep the shoes :D


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