Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ruche-Inspired Felt Flowers {Tutorial}

Hi everyone,

What do you think of the new layout? ^^ I figured it was about time for me to change my blog up a bit, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! I love the simplicity and overall clean look.

Anyway, after being in a month-long creative funk, where I pretty much spent my time doing nothing productive and was without inspiration, my creative muse is back, and I've been making things like crazy. This is something I've actually wanted to make for a long time...ever since I first saw them -- I was like, hey -- I could make that! And so I did.

So here's my inspiration, the felted flower clip from Ruche:

And here's what I came up with:

Pretty cute, huh? It can be used for just about anything you can think of...hair accessories (these two actually have clips attached to the back), pins, shoe clips, etc, and can be great for little girls, or even big girls (I love wearing them in my hair!). The other great thing is that they are very inexpensive to make -- the store I bought my sheets of felt from sells three sheets for $1!

Anyway, on to the tutorial!

You will need:
1. Felt
2. Scissors
3. Needle and Thread
4. Clip or pin to attach to the back, if desired.

1. First, you're going to have to make a pattern. Draw a flower shape in the size you want (I tend to make mine about 2-3 inches wide) on a piece of scrap paper and cut it out.

2. Now, place your pattern on the felt and cut around it (you could also trace around the pattern with a pen, but I find it easier and faster to just cut it -- anyway, any mistakes you make will be hidden). Cut six of these flower shapes.

3. Take two flower shapes, one for the base, and the other for the petal. Fold one shape into quarters so that it looks like a triangle. Using your needle, sew a few quick stitches through the tip of the triangle and then sew it to the base, like so:

4. Repeat step three with three more of the flower shapes until you have filled in the four quarters of the base.

5. Take your last flower shape, fold it into quarters, and sew it into the middle of the base, in-between all the petals.

6. Fluff out your flower, and you're finished! If you want, you can either sew or use a hot glue gun to attach a pin or clip to the base of the flower.

Easy, huh?(:

Let me know if you try making it!

Have a lovely day!


  1. waooo..Vicki its totally smart n superb!!! thanksssss for the how-to :)

  2. Those are so darn adorable! Love them<3 I might try this DIY in the near future:)

  3. So cute! Seems easy to do, but I probably couldn't ;)

  4. Thank you as well for your comment on my blog and for the follow! :)

    This flower is adorable--I will definitely be making one...or several. :)


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