Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Roaring Twenties -- One of my latest drawing attempts

Hi everyone,

Are any of you excited for Fall to arrive?(: I've been stocking up on long-sleeved shirts and blouses and a bunch of new sweaters all summer long, and I'm super excited to get to wear them! I came home from LA to find the Washington weather even hotter, which is pretty rare. But now it's cooled down and it looks like maybe, just maybe, Fall is ready to make an appearance. ^^

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of drawing lately. Maybe it's to compensate for all the drawing I didn't do during school, maybe it's just a way to pass time, or maybe I've just been more inspired -- I'm not sure. But I've been drawing a whole lot, and instead of mimicking other artists, as I used to do almost exclusively, I've been drawing things that are my own, which makes me pretty happy. Today I started work on a mermaid, then I drew a fairy for my uncle, a cross for my aunt in memoriam of my uncle, and then two weeks ago, I drew this flapper for a contest where you were supposed to show your flapper style. I'm not sure why, but the roaring twenties is not my favorite time period. I do like some of the fashion, though, and I drew from Erte for this look.

I love the colors, and the brightness of it! I also like how the girl's makeup turned out...it looks very 20s-style to me!
What do you think?(:

Have a lovely night, and hopefully I'll be back with some more posts soon! I have so much to show you!



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