Thursday, August 11, 2011

100th Post! & a Peek at My Latest Project

Hi everyone,

I've been working on a lot, sewing, a bit of drawing, some I said -- LOTS. Now that I've finished the GED (whoot!) I have lots of free time, so I'm trying to fill it with activities that keep me busy and out of they say, "The idle mind is the devil's workshop." Anyway, my biggest project right now is a mini-album, which I want to finish by the time my family goes down to California (celebrating my graduation and 18th birthday, and my mom's 40th birthday). The idea was a combination of wanting to collect the autographs of Disney characters while not just having them on blank pages, and having a mini scrapbook of our vacation. I got the idea of making my own mini album from one of my favorite blogs, Punk Projects, and then got to work making my own mini album.

The cover is the most important part of making a book seem shouldn't judge by them, but so many people do, and having a rotten cover exudes the message that it's a rotten book (in my opinion...I'm crazy for pretty covers, though I've learned that many books with pretty covers have not-so-pretty insides, and vice-versa). I wanted to make my cover something really special. SO I pulled out my hot glue gun and a mix of fun items -- sequins, papers, lace, buttons, etc, -- and got to work. I needlepointed a retro-style "D" for Disneyland and stuck that to the cover, along with my perler bead Donald. Finally, I ended up with this:

Fun, huh?

Now, here's a glimpse of what's going on inside...I wanted to make the pages decorative and fancy, but then also simple enough so that things could be added to them and they wouldn't look too busy.

What do you think? I really love how it's all coming together...(: I can't wait to start filling it with mementos from our vacation!

On a non-crafting side-note -- this is my 100th post! I'm really happy that I've made it this far in my blogging adventure, and thrilled that I've made some great friends doing it. ^^

Have a lovely day!



  1. Hey, Congrats..dont stop sharing awesome stuff here..
    Well talking about this this is an awesome project.i love the marbling effects & pink neat!& specially the pieces of paper doily or lace cuttings??
    well its a super cute effort!@ Love it :)
    a suggestion! try to paste some doily piece cuttings at corners, so it will not fold from edges :)
    Have fun!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment~! & yes, those are paper doilies! I love using themn in collages...(:

    & thanks for the suggestion!


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