Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Collaged Painting

Hi everyone,

Only five more posts until 100! I think I mentioned it in my last post, but I am on a painting kick right now, and it's virtually all that I do, haha. There's just something exciting about slapping paint across paper (or canvas, or whatever, haha), and it's a great stress-reliever, too, especially if you're painting abstracts. Anyway, a couple of days ago, I discovered a few pieces of cardboard, which I decided would act as a kind of canvas. ^^ I covered it with a collage of phone book paper, sheet music, and book pages, outlined the edges with a black pen, then went crazy with my purple hued paints. After that, I had to decide what would go on top of the painting, and I decided that I would turn it into a reminder of what the Bible says to and about women. So I wrote almost the entirety of Proverbs 31, about the qualities of a virtuous woman, in script, then took one of my Victorian paper dolls and added it to the forefront, along with a doily. Then, I took little strips of paper and wrote some of my favorite Bible verses towards women on them, then added them to the empty spaces. I really love how it turned out...what do you think?

And here's close-ups of the verses:

What do you think?(: I really love it...^^

Have a lovely night!


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  1. a very nice way to display some verses,,i like the doily piece at the corner :)
    cute :)


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