Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beaded Button Rings - Tutorial!

Hi everyone,

I have a new tutorial for you! This one is super easy, and kind of similar to one of my earlier tutorials, also for button rings, but I personally like this one better, and I think it has the coolest result for something so simple. It's actually my new favorite project, since the end result is so pretty. So, wanna see what I made? ^^

This one is my favorite, because it just has that cool, medieval feel to it, which I love.

This is an old, Austrian military button, which I like because it's tiny and cute, while also having the fun crest on it.

And this one is a button with the crest and motto of the Order of the Garter, a very prestigious order, which goes back many years...Prince William is actually a member of it, which I think is pretty cool.

Now, on to the tutorial...all you need are scissors, elastic string, a fun button, big or small, and a handful of small beads (you'll want them to be bigger than seed beads, though). You'll also want some clear nail polish to dab on the knot at the end.

First, choose your button.

Then, cut a piece of string about an inch longer than you want it to be to go around your finger, then slide it through the hole in the center of the button.

Now start stringing on your beads...

When you're finished stringing on the beads, tie a tight double-knot.

Finally, put a drop of clear nail polish (or any other color will work as well) on the knot to seal it. Then, slip your finished ring onto your finger and wear your unique piece of jewelry with pride.

Cute, huh?(: be sure and let me know if you try it!!

Have a lovely rest of your day! Tonight I'm going with a couple friends to see the new Harry Potter at midnight...should be fun, but I expect to come home thoroughly drained! Then in the morning I'm leaving for an overnight vacation with my family...which will lead to a packed, though fun weekend.(:



  1. very nice..thanks for the tutorial & enjoy the vacation dear girl :)

  2. Such a simple yet fun tutorial!
    How was the film? I haven't seen it yet!!

  3. It was amazing...a very satisfying conclusion, and probably, in my opinion, the best film of the series.(:

  4. So creative and beautiful. Very trendy too. Love it thanks for sharing.


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