Friday, May 20, 2011

Some artwork for my room...

Hi everyone,

How has your week been?(:

May I just say that mine has been pretty much fantastic. I'm in love with life right now and on a definite creative streak.Who know how long it'll last, but I'll take advantage of it while its here!

I'm also pleased to have found out about my A on my government teacher wrote on my paper, "You really NEED to go to law school!" Hmmm...I'm working on that!(;

Anyway...I took a couple photos last week of some of my more recent projects (goodness, there are so many of them, I may never be caught up...), and I thought I''d share them with you today. They probably each deserve a special post for themselves, but I only have one picture of each and am too lazy to make two posts, hehe.

So. Remember perler beads? My mother bought a big square for me to use, and of course, I quickly sat down and began working on it (after several hours...arranging those little beads is hard work!). Here's what I came up with:

Cute, huh?

Then, I realized that I haven't been drawing a lot lately, and I actually really miss it. Even just doodling and coloring in a coloring book, haha. I also wanted something kinda fun to fill up an empty space on my wall. So I came up with this:

I really love it! I tried to imitate Mucha a bit with his art nouveau style, adding a few of my own elements, like the dragon and the quotes, which read, "In Somnis Veritas," or "in dreams there is truth,' and "through dreams we discover reality."

Well, have a lovely day! The sun is shining here and it's nice and warm, so I'm happy.(:



  1. how nice..what about its pattern?you make it yourself or copy from any picture?the color scheming & out look is cute ^(^

  2. Both are amazing! I love the bead mosaic, seriously cute. And you can draw, girl! the dragon & princess are so fairy tale lovely. Love 'em!


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