Friday, May 13, 2011

Recycled Cuff Bracelets

Hey everyone,

This is one of my favorite new projects - it may become a trademark, right next to my headbands.(: so expect to see more of these!

I had been seeing a bunch of tutorials for cuffs made out of recycled cardboard tubes, and I decided that I had to make some, because they were just too cool! And what a great use for something that you would have thrown out otherwise! Honestly, if you look at these, you can't even tell what they're made from - my family didn't, and I've gotten so many compliments on them! I made these two for my sisters, to match their Easter dresses.

This first one I covered with some blue tie-dye fabric on both sides, then I glued lace over the top of that to give it a fancy, feminine look, and then, I added a pretty white rose to the front. Oh - and I can't forget the ties at the back!

This one took me a long time to make...choosing the designs is always tricky for me - it has to be just perfect! But I love how it turned out! ^^

Here's how it looks on (this is not the best picture - ignore my dragon's claws!):

Well, have a lovely day! It seems like spring has finally arrived here...the air is warming up, and I'm almost ready to drop the long sleeves.(: And we're starting to see more sun than rain, which is quite exciting. What about you - has spring sprung yet?(:



  1. This is a super cute cuff..i have done one similar saved in my drafts which is inspired by Anthropology..will post that soon,but i really like the color scheming of your cuff..lovely :)

  2. Love it! So pretty and feminine ;) I'm visiting from Flamingo Toes!!

  3. Super cute cuffs! I love the butterfly one:)


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