Friday, April 8, 2011

NDFW - Day Five - Modern Nancy

Hi everyone,

I meant to have this post up on Tuesday, but then school devoured my day...but now I've gotten a chance! So I'm curled up with my iPad in front of the TV, watching Murder, She Wrote - Jessica Fletcher is another one of my favorite mystery solving heroines.(:

Anyway, for my first day of classes, I wanted something that was classy, but a little more casual. So I took my ruffly shirt and paired it with my jeans, blazer, and my new lace-up shoes. I think it turned out pretty cute!(: but it's definitely more of a Modern Nancy look, I think.

It was a nice day, but really cold! I had to layer up in order to stay warm.

Anyway, have a lovely day!


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  1. color of the shirt is very stylish,because its one of my favorites..hehe..looking smart as always..keep rocking girl:)


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