Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nancy Drew Fashion Week - Day 1

I had wanted to post these yesterday, but I never got around to it. Anyway, I think I mentioned this before, but this week is Nancy Drew fashion week, and since she is one of my favorite heroines, and I loved the idea of trying to dress like her, I just had to do it. With this outfit I tried to emulate a vintage Nancy. How do you think I did? I've always thought this shirt looked kind of vintage-y, especially paired with the skirt.(:

It was raining today, so I had to take my pictures inside....which I don't like because of the busy background, but once I blurred it it seemed less busy.

This is a shirt that I made for Thanksgiving from an old shirt that I had outgrown, and then paired with a sweatshirt handed down from my aunt (who also, incidentally, gave me this skirt!). I sewed it together, and added roses at the top, along with a funnel neckline. I also added on to the sleeves. I really love the result, and I made two other shirts using the same method.

And did you notice my purse?(; My parents gave it to me as a gift last Christmas.

I'll be back with today's photos tomorrow! (hopefully I'll get caught up pretty soon!)



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  2. waoo..its looking so fine..i like the blur image it seems like you are standing somewhere in space..or going to fly in air..haha

  3. Simply darling. I love your purse and boots!


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