Monday, February 14, 2011

Modest Fahion Week - My first outfit post!

I think it's been way over a month since I last posted....I feel like such a bad blogger! The only excuse I have for you is that I've been swamped with homework. Still, if I've had time to craft, I should have had time to take some pictures and blog about what I made. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to that, I guess!

Anyway, I'm back now, for awhile anyways! After going through the pain of writing a 19-page essay for my world issues class (that had better get a good grade!), I feel free again. Somewhat, anyways.

So, enough of my rambling. Over at Bramblewood Fashion they're doing a week of modest fashion posts, which I thought would be fun to participate in, since I love looking at other people's fashion posts!(: It's actually been raining all day, so I was happy for this little break to run outside and take some pictures. This outfit is comfy and simple, which is how I like it:

This is a funny pose...I think I look like I should be carrying something, haha. My sister says I look like Sarah Palin here...what do you think? Something to do with the hair...

And a final silly picture...I just had to take one of myself - my lovely sister took all the others.

Have a wonderful day!
~I hope your Valentine's Day is sweet~


  1. Cool outfit! I like the boots. :)

  2. Thanks! Those boots are one of my outfit staples...they can add so much to almost any outfit.

  3. I love the color combo, and the boots are very cute!

  4. Hey finally you are back after a long time....nice to see you again..well the dress is awesome & you are...?
    good,but not like sarah palin,you are more nice then her..hmmm


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