Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pretty Pink Pig

Have you noticed my new decoupage trend? :P I love it because:
A. It's easy and fun.
B. It turns out looking so pretty! (usually, anyhoo)

Anyway, last week I decided one of my piggy banks needed some up-cycling. I got it in the Target dollar bin a couple years ago (those dollar bins are SO awesome), and took a sharpie to it, doodling my name on it. In the end, it turned out looking rather lopsided...So I decided it needed some work. First, I covered the surface with my favorite phone book paper (from the 'O' section), then I tore out some of the pretty fabric prints from my catalogs, and pasted those on top of the phone book paper. It ended up with a fun, eclectic look. Then, I took some fuschia paint and covered the entire surface with that so that everything would blend together better.

Here is the final result (please excuse my slightly out of focus pictures):

Cute, huh? It was really difficult to cover it completely in phone book paper because of all the curves. But it finally worked out.

These pictures also give you a hint of how many books I must have to have them all stacked sideways, hehe. It's like having my own personal library...

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