Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fungus Among Us

Don't ask me why (I don't know myself), but mushrooms are one of my loves. Those swollen masses of fungal mycelium really get to me. They're so tiny and sweet (some of them, anyway), and remind me of the fairy circles I read about as a little girl. I recently discovered several clumps on a hill, to my delight and my parents' dismay. And since it was such a lovely day, I went out (still in my velvet and tights from the capelet post) to photograph them.

This guy was a loner with an interesting shape.

It looks like an animal may have taken a bite out of this one...

And I took a couple flower pictures as well, since it was so sunny and they looked so cheery in the light.

And do you want to know something strange? Though I may love to study and look at mushrooms, I can't stand to eat them.(:

Have a lovely day~!


  1. These are looking really awesome..such a wonderful results..i think i must use the 2nd one flower image for my desktop wall paper..lovely..

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