Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tie-Dye...So far!

Gahhh....I know I promised these pictures yesterday, but I had school, then babysitting, then choir, was time for bed. =) Or reading in bed, anyway ("Phantastes" by George MacDonald).

But I'm putting them up now! =) So enjoy, and try to ignore my ugly gloves and too-small apron (necessities, you know!). ;D

Haha, everything is covered in plastic wrap, and I look like I'm kneading bread...

Pretty, right? =) It's comfy and fitted (used to be a large, so I drew around an old tee and cut it to size).

I also dyed some strips of fabric for roses, too, so I'll have to work on making those tonight. I promised a friend one for her daughter... =)

Have a nice night~!


  1. Wao...its so can also use yellow colored fabric flowers on it will look more nice..

  2. Ooh...that WOULD look really pretty! =) You're so good with colors! I think that all I'm really going to do, though, is to take a black fabric marker to it and draw designs all over...=) I still have to work on figuring out that part, though.

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