Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tie-dye Experiment, or I'm BLUE!! :D

Haha, I was telling my sister I was gonna go join the Blue Man Group (or whatever it is they call themselves). But I guess I'm not THAT blue, just my hands, arms, and somehow I managed to get it on my neck. And I was wearing gloves and an apron (the kind that cover your entire body)! Probably just my luck that I always happen to get the leaky gloves (it happened with mosaics, too...). But anyway, I dyed two shirts (one for a baby and one for me) and all the white scraps I could find. So now I have no white scraps, but I WILL have some pretty cool headbands.

Anyway, I will have pictures up, hopefully tomorrow, but to tide you over, here's some very cool dyed examples:

And these are all from Thaidye's website, if you wanna check them out...they have some really cool stuff, and I love that dress! I'm not one for super wild colors, but I am getting kinda into the idea of tie-dye. Mine don't look anywhere near this cool, but for a first try, they look pretty awesome.

Have a lovely day~!


  1. i love tie die print..
    i hv one tie-die shirt i got from my friend in korea..i wanna post that outfit ASAP!!

    come n visit my site. if u don't mind u can follow me. just tell me if u want me to follow u back ^^


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  2. Oh wow, that tie-dyed dress looks lovely, lovely! I'm half-tempted to dye old dresses, too, except that I'm worried I'll end up dyeing my body instead. How'd you take the dye off?

  3. These are looking nice but i am waiting for your project...hehe...i hope your will also be better..I am also very well in tie & dye and ,Batik...will show you someday my dyed projects..

  4. hey, this is a lovely blog! if you have the time please take a look at mine and tell me what you think :)


  5. @ Chin

    I still haven't gotten all the dye off my hands...one day later, but I'm hoping that it'll come off in the shower. My aunt said that dying in a plastic bag is a great way to avoid the mess.


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