Sunday, September 5, 2010


A few years ago, my aunt (and crafting buddy) was really into mosaics...she'd go to thrift stores and buy piles of pretty plates for the express purpose of smashing them up. It was sad to see the lovely dishware in pieces, but tons of fun to take a hammer to them....(this puts a really weird picture into my head...and probably yours. We're not completely crazy, trust me.)

Anyway, with her help, I did three mosaics - two crosses, and one colorful mirror. The mirror is so bright and cheery, and it fits my room perfectly. Mosaic doesn't have to be a complex image, it can just be a jumbled mess (a very cool jumbled mess).

That was not an easy picture to take, hehe. I also made the doll's outfit. =)

And I also love the crosses...I made one for my mother, and the second, I kept for myself (though the first looks more professional for some reason...).

I think it would be so fun to get into this again...I should talk my aunt into doing some more.

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  1. Its good effort..try to take the image of that mirror...


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