Monday, September 20, 2010

Circle Skirt from Sheet

First day of school! How exciting...I spent the better part of my day getting familiarized with my online classes, and tomorrow, I have my first-ever classroom class (and lemme tell you, from home to school is a huge step for me). Just thinking about it makes me nervous.

I love circle's just something about the way they drape, and the vintage style of it. You can wear them high on your waist or low on your hips, belted or no. Lots of different ways to dress it. I'd wanted to make one for awhile...ever since my 'birthday skirt' - the purple flowered print. And I would have made that one a circle skirt, only I didn't have enough fabric to give it a good length. So I waited.

Then, on my vacation last week, we stopped at an antique store, and I found a pretty sheet for a dollar! It must have been at least queen-sized, and I liked the delicate. My first thought was to make it into the coveted skirt. And so, on Saturday, I meticulously folded, measured, marked, and cut the circle. Easy peasy. Then I got to the hem. wasn't so hard to do as it was time-consuming. I pinned (and let me tell you, there were about a hundred pins stuck in there) and sewed, and after a few hours of TV, I had the hem done. The waistline was harder (I have really got to remember and take pictures as I go), as it kept bubbling up on me as I sewed. But as soon as I added the elastic, it looked fine. And I was done! Relatively pain-free and easy. Perfect for beginners (like me...haha).

Haha, I look like I only have one leg in this pose...

And what's the best thing about circle skirts?

They're great for twirling!

Have a lovely day!

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