Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Briar Rose Headband

So remember that headband I told you about? Well, since the sun was actually out today I forced myself out of the house to take some pictures. I went out too late, though, so I'm sorry if they're really dark. For some reason, on this headband the hot glue went everywhere, so the flowers don't look too professional...but I really do love the look of this one.

For the textured look, I cut out a bunch of 'feathers' from some white t-shirt scraps I had lying around, then glued them to the top of a white headband. I added the lace as a last minute decision, but I think it really completes the piece. =)


  1. Your handmade flowers are always fine...i try these but they look like something crushed fabric...oops...

  2. Maybe I should do another tutorial...=) It's just a lot of rolling and twisting.


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