Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beautiful Washington Sunset

I just got back from a (very) short vacation with my family...It was relaxing and stress-free, and pretty fun, actually. We found this fantastic antique store where we spent hours poring over all the oddities, then there was the little mall...needless to say, I spent far more than I should have, haha. But it's good to be back...=)

Anyway, one of the most beautiful things about it were the sunsets. Gold and orange, pink and lavender...completely breathtaking. Oddly, it's the only thing I actually took pictures of. And I'm glad I did.


  1. wow..
    that is so beautiful and romantic!
    don't you just wish to be there with someone you love? :)))
    haha, i love sunsets.

  2. haha, definitely. Maybe someday! =)

  3. Beautiful. I've only been to Washington once, and I can't wait to go again. Great pictures.


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