Monday, September 6, 2010

Anthropologie Loves...

Anthropologie has the cutest clothes, just my style, and just a wee bit out of my price range. They're my addiction, and if I don't get the real thing, I need a placebo to keep me happy. So I make knock-offs, borrow ideas from other people's knock-offs, and I'm happy as a pug on a rug (scuse my weird phrases...I'm in a strange mood, haha).

Today I spent the morning browsing all of my favorite clothing sites for inspiration. It wasn't sheer laziness this time...I was on a mission. I took a big piece of white paper and a ballpoint pen and went to work scouring the web for things to make. First was J Crew, then Anthropologie, Shop Ruche, Modcloth, and Spotted Moth (where DO they come up with those names??). I sketched everything that I liked best, making a collage of my favorite outfits. I found a few things at the other sites, but the one that offered the most inspiration was Anthro. They have the most creative stuff! Here are a few of my personal favorites (ones that made it onto my sketchpad):

That's not quite all that caught my eye, but a sampling of my favorites.
I've already started on a shirt for my sister, which I really hope she'll love.
Pictures of the finished product should be up tomorrow!

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