Saturday, August 21, 2010

Refashioned Lamp

When I was little, there were these lamps that I thought were the coolest things. They were made of rice paper, and there was this thing inside that, when heated, would spin around and cast pretty, colorful designs on the walls. And as it spun, the designs would seem to move across the walls. It was ethereal and beautiful.
I'm sure I begged my mother for one until she didn't want to hear it anymore, and finally, my aunt bought one for my sister and myself. It had colorful lovebugs on it, and we loved it.
It's amazing it lasted this long, but it finally went into storage in my closet, where I stepped on it. It was devastating! The whole frame was broken, and two of the rice paper panels were torn. It was ready for the trash.
But I didn't want to give it up.
So I took a paintbrush and some acrylic teal (my absolute favorite color) paint, and applied it to the wooden edges. Then I brought out my mother's bin of sharpies and drew pretty fairy wings and flowers on it. But two of the sides were missing! I took two sheets of green paper and carefully tailored them so that they would fit the frame, glued on strips of white lace, and taped it to the frame (not an easy process).
It took me the better part of a week to make, but it was worth it. When it's on, it gives off this warm, ethereal glow, lighting up all the pretty wings and flowers.

Here is the final result:


Pretty, isn't it? And the romantic style matches my room to perfection.

PS. & what do you think of the new layout? It's a little girly for me, but it's pretty, and it'll do for now.

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  1. Its perfect vicki...You have done it nicely...Lamp and blog both are looking smart...Your drawing is so it...


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