Monday, August 30, 2010

Outfit by me~!

I'm back~! Actually, I've been back, since Saturday night, but then I had a busy day on Sunday - church and antiquing consumed my day. But now, I am officially back and ready to stop my ridiculous rambling. XP

When I went out last week with my friends, I wore an outfit almost completely handmade. I had done some surgery on an old sweater of my aunt's, which I turned into a lacy, cardigan with antique buttons (so pretty!). Then I made a skirt from a yard of vintage fabric that I bought for 50 cents. It turned out very sweet, and I love it, but when I walk, the fabric creeps up on my legs like it's a bubble skirt (though I think my leggings might have been part of the problem).

The detailing on the sweater reminds me a bit of this one:

(sorry for the lousy picture quality on this one...I did what I could to brighten it up, haha)

Have a lovely day~!


  1. Very nice effort...looking tooo girl...

  2. Hey, I found you on Lucky Star Lane and just wanted to say that your outfit is super cute! I love how the cardigan turned out. Your projects are quite creative. Keep up the good work!


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