Monday, August 2, 2010

Headband Tutorial (at last!!)

I've finally worked up the initiative to post this. (thank goodness) Anyway, it's really simple, and only took me...maybe a half hour at most. But then I was playing around with techniques and if you follow these directions, it may even take you less time.

I'm going to show you how to make the "Lollipop" headband, with colors that twist together like a lollipop. And you're going to learn how to make two different kinds of roses.
So let's get started, then!

You will need:

Two different colored t-shirts, with colors that complement each other. I LOVE how teal and pink look together, so that's what I used.

A hot glue gun

A headband

Ribbon (to wrap the headband...only if you don't like the color.)

1) Cut up your t-shirts. What I did was to cut off the hem, then cut off another strip, about one inch wide. You should have what looks like a long necklace. Cut it down the side so that it becomes a long strip. Do this /twice/ with both colors of t-shirt.

2)Take two strips (one of each color) from your pile and knot them together, as close to the end as possible.

3) Twist the strips together until the first few inches are twisted. It doesn't have to be tight, so don't worry about that.

4)Now you can start rolling them. Roll the fabric around the little knot you made one time, then pick up your glue gun and put a dot of glue down, pressing your roll of fabrics to it. Do this every few centimeters until you get to the end. Make sure to keep twisting as you roll!

5) As you get to the end, tuck the last bit of fabric towards the bottom to conceal it. Then glue it down, being careful to glue both layers of fabric. And should have a beautiful flower. =) Oh - and if the flower starts getting too big for you, you can always just trim the fabrics.

This second one I found to be a bit harder, especially with two fabrics. You have to work hard to glue down both layers. But keep that in mind, and you'll do fine.

1) Knot your fabric together, just like for the first flower.

2) Now you're going to have to fold both of them in half. It's kinda hard to get them to stay, so try pinching them together with your fingers.

3) Start rolling. Just like the first one, glue often. It should look like this as you roll:

4) Again, at the end, be extra careful to glue both layers down. This one you can't really tuck under, but that's ok - you can disguise the end by pushing it against the side of the other flower when you put them on the headband.

And now for the headband. Mine was purple, so I decided to wrap it with black ribbon.
For that, all you have to do is wrap it neatly, putting a strip of glue along the bottom. If you want to make the ends look professional, cut a small piece of ribbon and wrap it lengthwise around the bottom, hiding the original color:

Then glue down the sides. And make sure to do that first, before you start wrapping.

Now, all you have to do is glue on the flowers in the spot you want them. You could make more, or just stay with two, like I did. It's up to you. At the end, I added a little pink ruffly thing and wrapped it around the top one. Also - make sure you don't skimp on the glue. It's what's going to hold the whole thing together. ;D

And here's the end result:

There you are! I hope yours turns out great, and that my instructions aren't as confusing as I think they are. =)


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