Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ok, so I ran across these old tuts I had made last year when I was on a jewelry-making frenzy. This first one was inspired by a necklace on the cover of one of my Shojo Beat issues (which they sadly don't make anymore...), and is one of my favorites. I also love my gargoyle model. ;D

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You will need:

Small black seed beads

Big black seed beads

Cross charm

Four miscellaneous gray/black beads

Three jump rings

Thick wire (if you don't have wire, you can substitute an unfolded paper clip)



Needlenose pliers
Wire cutter

Step 1 - Cut a piece of thread a little longer than you want your necklace to hang on your neck (i.e. 12 inches), and thread your needle with it.

Step 2 - Begin beading your necklace in this pattern: five small, one big, and continue until you've filled almost the entire thread.

Step 3 - Tie a double knot in the thread and snip off the ends. I recommend dabbing a dot of clear nail polish on the knot so that it will hold.

Step 4 - Put two jump rings on the cross charm - one at either end. You'll need your pliers to pry them open and closed.

Step 5 - Take your wire and before cutting it string on the three of your big beads. I put a small black seed bead in-between each one.

Step 6 - Cut the wire, leaving enough space on either end to make a loop with your pliers, then make the loops.

Step 7 - Take some more wire and your unused miscellaneous bead, and string it on the wire. Again, I suggest putting a small black seed bead on both sides.

Step 8 - Cut the wire, remembering to keep enough space for each loop, and then use your pliers to make the loops.

Step 9 - Now, take your cross charm and open the jump ring at the top using your pliers. Loop it over your string of black seed beads and close it.

Step 10 - Open the bottom jump ring on the cross, and add the wire with the three larger beads. Close the ring.

Step 11 - Add your third jump ring to the bottom of the wire with the three larger beads, and leave it open to insert the last bit of wire (with the single large bead). Then close it. Your necklace should look something like this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack

Oh yes...I love this one. =) For the next thing I make, I'll try and photograph the steps.

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