Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Necklace Number Three... =)

This one is very simple, but it looks nice paired with other necklaces and on top of a busier shirt - I wore it with an old yellow graphic tee. Unfortunately, this one was deconstructed to make another necklace...but I still love it, and its simplicity.

A Simple Chain

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You Will Need:

Linked Chain with Clasp

Three or More Large Glass Beads (the same color)

Needle-nose Pliers

Step 1 - Using your pliers, undo the jump ring that would connect to the clasp on your chain and slide it out. Set it aside.

Step 2 - String your beads onto the chain. Be patient - it may take a couple of tries. If you can't do it, it may be that the holes in the beads are too small, and you need to find different beads with larger holes.

Step 3 - Once you've strung on all of your beads, find your open jump ring and insert it into the necklace's top link. Close it with your pliers.
Your necklace is finished! It's a very simple thing to make, but looks very nice, especially when paired with other necklaces. You can experiment with different chain lengths and see what you come up with.

See? Easy.

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