Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anthropologie Inspired Mirror

*pokes title* Oh, yes, it's awesome.

I had been seeing all these anthro-inspired projects, and when I finally went to their site to see what all the fuss was about, I completely fell in love with all of their products. They're really creative, and also...really, really expensive. Way out of my price range, anyway. I was browsing their selection the other day and found this gorgeous mirror -

- for the meager cost of $500. Ouch.
Then I thought, "Hey, I could make that!"
I had an old mirror that I got from IKEA years ago...a cute, white little thing. And it started I decided to paint it black. I got about half-way through, and then got bored of it and stopped. And it started chipping. So I decided to collage it with things anyone should have just lying around the house: phone book pages, paint, random rubber stamps, and sharpies.

Here's the result:

And in the next post I'll show you how I made it!

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